Explainer w/ Animation

Don't have a traditional brick and mortar storefront? Let's explain your product and services with animation overlays that clearly show the value you can bring. 

Product Education

Let's show off your products with all of it's qualities so future customers can be sure that they're spending their money wisely.

Business Introduction

Let's introduce the world to your business with a simple interview and footage of your unique business. This is the most economical way to display your company to the masses.

Get Your Video Seen

A great video is important, but most importantly, we'll make sure to give you ideas on how to get your video seen. For starters, we'll talk about website placement, social media ads, and YouTube sponsored content. Easy and economical ways to get eyes on your company.

More About Light Machine

This is not a large video production company with Account Managers, Producers, Directors, Director of Photography, Casting, Makeup Artists and all of the personnel needed to make Lord of the Rings 4. The size of your production will dictate the personnel that we use for each shoot. Most small productions will only require one video producer and possibly an assistant. Adam Evans is the owner/principal video producer and his first step will be to meet with you to determine the personnel needed from internal employees and his network of video professionals. 



Let's Begin a Conversation

or let us know if you have a question.