7 Cool Examples that Use Video on Websites

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Use Video on Your Website

The stats that point to the positive results from video usage are prevalent and indisputable. Whether your budget is big or small, the incorporation of video will return results. The following are examples of 7 cool websites that use video to hopefully give you some ideas for your next marketing campaign.



This is our favorite design. Great use of a bright pallet of colors that still belong together. The production quality is high as 3D animation is used frequently. This site shows the importance of packaging your videos together with a well designed website that matches the look and feel of the videos.


Of course Apple is going to have the kind of budget to incorporate all of the video they want. It is still a good idea to look at the biggest names if you’re going to try to eventually compete with them.



Athos is the reason i thought of this blog post. I stumbled on to their site and I loved all of their use of video. I just had to share it with those that might be interested as well. Enjoy!

University of Sydney

Sydney University

I really wanted to show a solid example of how a University can use student testimonials for recruiting purposes. Though I’m a proud USA citezen, I had to cross seas to find a solid university that shows high-quality video testimonials. Well done Mates!



I know, I know, enough with the big budget companies. Of course they use video, but maybe that’s why their big. Either way, you have to look to the best in order to be the best.

Hixson-Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts

arts unl

Good show Hixson! This university shows a great use of video and we all know the budgets and more often willingness to use money for marketing is limited in academic settings. This School pulls it off. Take a look at the “Meet the Cast” section down on the page.




I listed this site last because it could have been better with some better graphic design. While the visuals are well done, they could have drawn you into the video’s better with a thumbnail. It may be overused, but that’s because it works. Once you scroll down and click on the video buttons, the full page delivery definitely makes an impact. I give it 8 out of 10 stars.

That’s it!

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