100% Risk Free Guarantee

Our goal is to exceed customer expectations, gain return clients, positive ratings & high reviews. If for any reason, you aren’t happy with the results of our work, we’ll refund 100% of your deposit without hesitation.  No questions asked.




We start with a meeting. We’ll talk about your objectives, expectations and ideas. We want to make sure the project goes the direction you need it to go. 


You may already have a script, but usually, we will take your ideas and concepts and flesh out a working script for you to review, adjust and approve of. 


According to the needs of the final product, we will perform the preparation needed to move to production. This may include storyboarding, location scouting, casting, etc.


We’ll coordinate and execute audio recording, video aquisition and the creation of animations and supplemental graphics. You will have the opportunity to approve of voice talent, actors, and even the styles of animation and graphic elements. 


Footage will be edited to audio tracks incorporating motion graphics and animations as it meets the objectives of the final video. All captured footage will be color corrected and enhanced. 


As needed by the client, we will either meet to view the final video(s) or we can send a link for your review. If there are revisions, we’ll create subsequent versions until you are happy with the work. 

Our Team

Adam Evans

Owner & Video Producer
All-around film expert with extensive knowledge and education in video production, editing and motion graphics.

Kristin Ferrell

Writer/Video Producer
Expert pre-production specialist and producer with additional talents in cinematography and editing.

Hailey Davis

Video Editor/Cinematographer
Skilled in telling stories whether it's cutting footage at a computer or capturing cinematography with a camera. 

John Gee

3D Master & Compositing Expert
Mastery of the 3D world and animation that includes work seen from educational media for children to Hollywood.

Joe Salmond

Designer/Motion Graphics Animator
Technical expertise matched by extreme creative skills who has an eye for art with a camera and with a pen and tablet.

Jeremy Dance

Production Assistant
The best attitude and work ethic in the business with an additional knack for creating motion graphics.


About Us

Our experienced team knows what works, what doesn't and what seems to get in the way of completing high-quality video projects on-time. Not only do we finish projects, but we can help you get started by assisting with the initial steps of the process in order to get your project off the ground. Our experience includes a wide range of styles and formats as we've worked on TV commercials, Documentaries, corporate training, Kickstarters and we've even created special effects for Hollywood.


Feel free to reach out and ask us a question.