The Shocking Truth Behind So-Called FREE WEBINAR Trainings!

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Have you noticed your Facebook feed getting barraged with these “Free Webinar” Trainings? I’m seeing them everywhere these days. They pop up in my feed, in the side advertising column, pre-roll youtube ads, Linkedin ads, yahoo ads. Everywhere I look, people want to give me free webinar training.

We all like free, but is it really? Well actually it is.

Let me tell you how it works in these steps:

1. Offer free training via a paid advertisement.

You click a link and they have you sign up or “RSVP” for a webinar time. There usually happens to be one starting within a few minutes. So convenient right?

2. They Are Not Really Live! (Click to see)

Once you’re in the webinar, the “super-successful person with a 6 or 7 figure income” looks like he or she is legitimately “live.” Ready for the Shocker? THEY ARE NOT LIVE! It’s a scam. The videos are pre-recorded. Your webinar will have a chat window that appears to have hundreds of people contributing and saying where they’re from, etc. It’s all fake. You can chime in and say whatever crazy thing you want in the chat window and the pro in the supposedly live video will never respond to your chat. Not only that, but any savvy web developer can  either right click on the video to see where the video is playing from. Here is an example. Its called lying.

3. Fear Tactics

One of the first things they will do is strike a little fear into your heart and try to list the problems your likely having. They’ll talk about your debts, your boring job, your unfulfilling career.

4. Then Comes Redemption and Hope

After the fear trap has been set, they give you hope and tell you about the billions of dollars you can make.

5. The Cool Part. Sort of.

Usually, they will actually give you some decent knowledge. That’s right. I’ll admit it. If you’re willing to stomach the deceitful nature of this advertising model, you may find this video will give you a few tips you can use. I believe there are all kinds of ways to find free or less expensive training elsewhere, but if you sift through these educational offerings you certainly can learn a thing or two.

6. Finally the Part That Isn’t Free

After they’ve scared, given you hope, and promised you wealth beyond your dreams, they ask for your money. But don’t they make millions as a professional photographer? The supposedly live but not really webinar is actually there to give you confidence in the “pro” and enthused enough about the millions of dollars you’ll make creating wedding videos, origami, shoe shining, or whatever the training is so that you’ll purchase their actual training. In other words. This “pro” has found that they can make more money selling training to you instead of using they’re amazing skills.

There are plenty of places that offer much better training for much better prices than these quazi scams. Here is a list:

Great Places to Learn

University/College – That’s right, this is last in my book. It’s the least helpful for actual learning, but it is good for networking and giving employers confidence.

Additional Resources

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