Finally! Track & Schedule Your Emails for Free!

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email tracking

Email Tracking and Scheduling

I just discovered a great find today! After beginning with YahooMail and then a brief stint with Hotmail, I rested comfortably on using Gmail. While it works well and has made some improvements (but not many) over the years, I’ve always wished for a few features.

I finally found them today!

It’s chrome extension so it’s free! Our favorite word right? It’s called BANANATAG.

Here’s why it’s great:

Scheduled Emails

That’s right. You can write an email and have it scheduled out so it will send on the first business day o maybe just the next morning when your client is back in at work so its fresh on their list of emails.


The snooze feature allows you to snooze an email so it will pop back up on you in a day or maybe just later in the afternoon when you will be better prepared to deal with that email.


This is probably my favorite. tracking allows you to see who has opened your emails and not only that but you can see if they’ve clicked on your links.

These features are without question a business enhancer for me. I hope they will help you as well.

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